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Blog » 2009 » February » 7 » Hello, from Canada/Bermuda/many countries ... enjoy hiking and want to visit Russia soon
Hello, from Canada/Bermuda/many countries ... enjoy hiking and want to visit Russia soon
Hello everyone, (website link just sent to me and very much appreciate person who sent it to me!)

Hoping to join you on some hikes when i visit, and appreciate any suggestions for other parts of Russia.

Some information about me:

I enjoy the fresh air, fitness, nature, photography of hiking. Also, i enjoy meeting and understanding the real side of a country. which usually is better outside the concrete buildings of a city. People have more time, more relaxed, etc outside the cities.
Of course, i will spend a couple of days in some large cities, but I am interested in smaller cities, outdoor activities like hiking, and meeting locals.

Your webite allows me to see the possibilities and inspires me to make my travel to Russia focused more % on outdoors. I am doing some travel planning now, to make a list of "must see"/"must do" real (less tourists) things, then I'll decide how long of trip (maybe 2 to 5 weeks). Probably i start in spring (late March or April/May before it gets too hot; maybe start more south and go north; it would be great to experience 24-hr daylight in Russia on a hike, so maybe need to make it June... i did midnight hike in Finland some years ago). I might want to make another trip in the autumn ... really, i prefer to stay in a country as long as it's interesting and to have flexibility from one region to the next, but the Visa application for Russia is so rigid ... must give Day, Place, Hotel, Activity/Tour for each day, book all accommodation in advance, and register with local police if will take 3 days in one city.

I've hiked and done other sporty/active things in many countries/continents, but i am not an extreme sports person, just being active (ok, and i will do the easier trails - my brother calls them "the girlfriend trails" - sometimes).

Anyway, nice to meet whoever reads this, and hope for some suggestions ( Looking forward to Russia !)


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